The Benefits of a Home Inventory

Homeowners in Southlake, TX know that home insurance covers what’s inside the home as well as the home itself. Kimble Brown Insurance Agency wants you to have the information you need to make the claims process easier.
A home inventory list will keep important information about your belongings in one place. If you ever need to file an insurance claim, this list can help make the process easier and faster. It’s a good idea to make the list and update it when the information is fresh in your mind and you have the necessary receipts and other documentation. 
Detailed information will be in one place
A detailed inventory list keeps important information about your belongings in one place. Have a separate sheet for each room. Include item description, serial number, purchase date, brand name and price for each item. Use as many sheets as necessary to add items to a room. 
When you buy a new appliance or another expensive item, keep the receipt. Add serial numbers, price and brand name to your inventory list right away while the information is handy.

Take pictures of every item in each room. Remember items that are in drawers, boxes or closets. Check for belongings in the garage and other storage areas when you take pictures.
Helps you choose the right policy
A home inventory provides information you need to choose an insurance policy with adequate coverage. When you keep your list up-to-date, you can review your policy annually to make sure the claim limit is high enough to cover your belongings.
A home inventory list is worth the effort to save time in the future.
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