What Should I Do If My Home Is Damaged in a Flood?

In most cases, we have a little time to prepare when we know the possibility of a flood exists. There are times, however, when things happen so quickly that we don’t have time to take any action whatsoever. At the Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, each of our agents can assist residents living in Dallas and Southlake, TX with formulating a plan to help get them through the aftermath of a flood.

Document as Much of the Damage as Possible

If you are still in your home, start to document the damage as soon as it happens. Write down everything you see. If at all possible, use a video recorder or take as many pictures as possible. Actual pictures will allow the insurance adjusters to see the damage at its worst, as well as what the aftermath looks like.

Contact Your Insurance Agent Immediately

It’s also important for you to contact your insurance agent as soon as you can. Once they have seen the damage and filed their report, you can begin the cleanup process and work toward getting back into your home. This type of cleanup takes time and must be properly performed to ensure that black mold doesn’t take over your home.

In Dallas and Southlake, TX, residents who live in flood-prone areas can call the reputable agents of Kimble Brown Insurance Agency if they are interested in learning more about what to do if a flood damages their home. Contact our office at your earliest convenience to find out what steps you need to take. We have all of the answers to your most pressing questions.