Spring Home Inspection Tips

Ah, springtime. It is that time of year again when we can begin to plan for the warmer seasons and all the events and activities that come with those warmer temperatures. However, many homeowners often do their annual spring chores, including spring cleaning and home inspections, to ensure their homes are ready for another year. This is also when people in and around the Southlake, TX area turn to professionals like the Kimble Brown Insurance Agency for home insurance needs, updates, or changes.

Preparing Your Home for Spring

If you are a homeowner, you should inspect a few areas of your home before spring and summer hit full stride. Following the colder season and wild weather patterns that Texas winters bring, ensuring your home has endured well and doesn’t need any attention or care is always a good idea.


One of the most common issues homes face is roofing problems. It is always a good idea to (safely) do a visual inspection for any damage to your roof once the weather breaks.

Home Exterior

Siding, broken panels, and even damage to doors, windows, gutters, and frames should all be evaluated when inspecting your home. Finding and fixing these issues now will prevent bigger headaches and greater expenses later.


If your home has a basement, spring is the ideal time to inspect the lower side for leaks. From pipes that swell to simple ground temperature changes, basement leaks often develop following winter. 

If you are a homeowner in or around Southlake, TX, and have questions or need help with home insurance, the friendly and professional team at the Kimble Brown Insurance Agency can help. Contact us to learn more and get the protection you need and deserve for your home today.