Does Flood Insurance CoverThe Cost Of Temporary Housing?

When it comes to flood insurance, you may have several questions. One of the most common questions is whether or not the insurance will pay for temporary housing that may be necessary as a result of covered flooding. Before purchasing your flood insurance, be sure to inquire about the terms and conditions so you can be prepared for any issues that may arise during a claim.

Is Temporary Housing Covered?

Unfortunately, flood insurance doesn’t cover temporary housing in the event of a covered claim. The wise thing to do to help avoid surprises and hardships is to prepare for unexpected incidents that may require temporary housing. Ask your insurance agent if there may be some other insurance-related options that can help minimize impacts during a flooding event.

Guidance From Professionals

One of the main perks that come with working together with an insurance agent is the ability to have access to their knowledge and insight within the insurance industry. This helps customers make more informed choices, and better prepares them for potential claims in the future. If you live in or near the Southlake, TX area and want expert guidance through the insurance shopping process, you can rely on Kimble Brown Insurance Agency to give you the support you need before, during, and after the policy purchase. 

Flood insurance is an excellent way to protect your home from a variety of possible flooding scenarios, whether you live near the coast or in an area where there is potential for flooding. Call or stop by Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, serving Southlake, TX to find out more about flood insurance options.