Why Is Flood Insurance Important in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you could be miles upon miles from the nearest body of water. If you don’t live near a body of water, you might even wonder if there is a need to purchase flood insurance.

In spite of your own feelings about flood insurance, your mortgage provider may require that you have a policy. Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, which serves homeowners in Southlake, TX, can shed light on the importance of flood insurance.

You Are Always at Risk of a Flood

Simply because you do not live in a high-risk flood zone does not mean that you face no risk. Even those who live in low-risk flood zones could lose everything in a flood. Natural disasters, including hurricanes and dam breaks, can impact anybody. Flash floods, heavy rain, and other disasters can all leave you with serious water damage.

Your Home Is Not Covered Without a Flood Policy

Simply because you have renters or homeowners insurance does not mean you are protected in case of a flood. If a flood does hit, you could face financial damages because your homeowners or renters insurance does not cover your expenses.

Get Your Flood Insurance Policy

Do you still have questions about your flood policy? It’s normal to be unsure about what to expect. Check out coverage for your home systems, carpeting, appliances, personal property, foundation, support, garage, and other features of your home.

Are you ready to check out flood insurance policy options? Kimble Brown Insurance Agency may be able to help you if you live in Southlake, TX. Consult with a professional to learn more about insurance in your region.