Can I purchase flood insurance after a flood in Southlake, TX?

Even if your Southlake, TX home isn’t in a floodplain, your property could be vulnerable to flooding. Your homeowner’s policy does not automatically protect you if you are a flood victim, so it is essential to understand your risks and whether you should protect your home with flood insurance. Kimble Brown Insurance Agency can help you look at the data and show you the options for getting extra protection.

Flash floods can happen with little to no warning, and Southlake, TX has experienced its share of flooding. Experts say the area can expect to see more flooding in the future. Everyone in Texas faces at least some risk of experiencing flooding at some point in the next several years.

Even one inch of water in your home can cause an enormous amount of damage. Water not only destroys your belongings, such as your clothing and furniture, but it can also destroy the very structure of your health. Water can also damage structures by creating mold and mildew, which are health hazards.

Unfortunately, there is usually a 30-day waiting period before your flood insurance policy becomes active. That means you cannot purchase a policy because you see in the news that bad weather is coming to your area. There are a few exceptions to the 30-day wait, and you can ask your agent if you have a question. Don’t be discouraged from going ahead and adding flood insurance when you are renewing your regular homeowner’s policy.

Make sure your Southlake, TX home has the protection it needs while you still can. If you have any questions about your flood risk or would like to discuss Texas flood insurance for your home, please feel free to call Kimble Brown Insurance Agency today.