What every Southlake, TX homeowner needs to know about safety improvement

What every Southlake, TX homeowner needs to know about safety improvement

Your home holds everything you value, and that’s why it’s probably your most significant investment. Therefore, protecting it and ensuring everything is safe comes first. When it comes to safety, break-ins and burglaries are not the only challenges to worry about.  Slips and falls, dog bites, fires, and even water damage are common accidents requiring proper safety measures. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, we recommend buying adequate home insurance to protect your property and loved ones. If you are a homeowner in Southlake, TX, here is what you should know about improving safety.

Make sure your home is clean

Apart from potential slips, your trash can also attract thieves. What you throw in the trash, especially paperwork, may contain your personal information, and thieves can use this to commit crimes. Make sure that your papers are thoroughly shredded before they enter the trash. Keep your floors dry all the time, and ensure no fruit peels or vegetables are lying on your kitchen floor.

Inspect and notify your contractor about faults

Many people in Southlake, TX tend to forget or ignore this critical step. Take your time to go through your property and check for cracks on the walls, potential sinking in the basement, falling roof, and other interiors/ exterior faults that could put your life at risk. It also helps protect your visitors from accidental injuries while at your home.

Secure your home

Technology today offers various ways of keeping your home safe whether you’re around or not. You can install home security systems, smart bulbs and lights, motion detectors, and cameras to help you keep your home safe. Change your locks every once in a while and always close your window and doors before going to bed.

Looking for ways to make your home safer? Kimble Brown Insurance Agency can help you protect what matters to you most. Contact us for a comprehensive deal.