Does Flood Insurance Cover Personal Property?

In the state of Texas, most flood insurance policies are issued by the National Flood Insurance Program. Yet, it is still sold via traditional insurance providers. The experienced agents at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency of Southlake, TX are familiar with NFIP coverage and are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Building Property Flood Insurance vs. Personal Property Flood Insurance

Personal property flood insurance and building property flood insurance must be purchased separately, so it is vital to understand the coverage you have to know that you are fully protected. In general, a building property flood insurance policy will cover the structure, as well as any appliances or permanent equipment attached to that structure. You will need a personal property flood insurance policy to cover any items that are not attached permanently to the structure.

It is important to note that some items may not be covered by building property or personal property flood insurance. This typically includes items that are outside of the building or issues that arise as a consequence of the flooding. It is critical that you know exactly what type of flood insurance coverage you have to determine what is and is not covered.

Making the decision to purchase flood insurance as well as the type of flood insurance to purchase can be stressful. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency of Southlake, TX, we are here to help relieve that stress.

We will take the time to work with you to make certain that you understand all of the coverage options that are available to you. Then we will help you decide on the best type of coverage to meet your specific needs. You will be able to rest easy knowing that should disaster strike, you and your family will be taken care of and protected with proper coverage.