What is Covered Under Landlord Insurance?

A standard property insurance policy may not cover damages or liability if you rent a home. We offer landlord insurance at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency in Southlake, TX. 

What is Landlord Insurance? 

Landlord insurance protects you and your property when you rent a home. Landlord coverage typically consists of liability protection and property coverage. 

Liability Protection 

Liability protection will cover you if someone is injured on your rental property. In some cases, the renter may be responsible for any liability. However, if it’s determined that you are responsible for the accident, you are liable for any damages. Liability protection will prevent you from paying these expenses out of pocket up to the coverage limit. 

Property Protection 

Property protection covers the property you are renting. Dwelling coverage covers the home itself. If a covered event damages the house, including fire, wind, or hail, the damages will be covered under the policy. 

Other structure coverage includes any other buildings or structures on the property. This includes sheds and garages. 

Additionally, property protection coverage protects any property you use to service the rental. This includes lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and any other equipment you use for maintenance. 

Extra Coverage 

Some landlord policies include extra coverage. Vandalism coverage will cover any intentional damage to your property. This isn’t typically covered under a standard policy. 

If you are currently renovating the property or building a new home, you may consider rental property under construction coverage. It will provide extra coverage for damages that occur during construction. 

Lastly, you should consider building code coverage, particularly for older homes. If the building codes have changed since it was constructed, you are liable for bringing the building up to code. Building code coverage can cover these expenses. 

Landlord Insurance at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency

If you need landlord insurance in Southlake, TX, contact us at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency. We’ll help you find the right policy to protect your investment. 

Will flood insurance cover damage to anything in my condo?

As a condo owner, you want to know that your unit and personal belongings are protected in the event of some unfortunate incident. If you live in a flood zone, you have probably purchased flood insurance. Both condo and flood insurance provide protection for condo owners. However, in a flood, it’s still good to know what’s covered. Our team at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency is committed to helping Texas condo owners understand how flood insurance works and what’s covered. 

What is Flood Insurance?

A flood is defined as a build-up of water on land, usually dry. The main purpose of flood insurance is to cover/insure damage to your home or condo unit, car, and personal belongings if a flood damages them. Flood insurance would need to be purchased separately from condo insurance and cover flood damage to your unit. Flood insurance covers any losses caused as a direct result of flooding. 

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

If a flood damages your condo, your flood insurance will pay to repair or fix the damage and replace damaged or destroyed items. The replacement cost is usually the actual cost of the damaged item or the actual cash value, whichever is less/lower. Specifically, flood insurance provides building coverage and contents coverage. This includes your walls, foundations, fixtures, cabinets, wallboards, and paneling. Flood insurance will also cover repairing and replacing your electrical and plumbing system, furnaces and water heaters, solar equipment, and well/fuel tanks. Your flood insurance policy will also cover your:

  • Garage
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Personal belongings
  • Furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Clothing
  • Artwork and Valuables (limitations may apply)

Your flood insurance may also include trash and debris removal. If you have any questions regarding what’s covered under a flood insurance policy, please call us.

Why should you get recreational insurance in Texas?

When you live in the Southlake, TX area, you will find there are a lot of great recreational activities that you can enjoy and participate in. When you are looking to maximize your experience in this area, having your recreational vehicle or toy can be a great option. No matter what type of recreational asset you purchase, you will want to get the right insurance. There are various reasons for someone to get this coverage here. 

Cover the Asset and Investment

An important reason for anyone to invest in recreational insurance for their asset is to ensure it is covered. There will always be a big investment made when you purchase a recreational asset and having the right coverage for it is crucial. When you get a proper recreational insurance plan, it will ensure you can be covered if it is stolen or damaged. 

Reduce Liability Risk

While a recreational toy can be a lot of fun to drive, it does come with liability risks. If you make a mistake and cause an accident that results in damages, you will have to cover them and pay restitution. Fortunately, you are able to mitigate this risk by getting a recreational plan as it will provide coverage that is specifically designed to reduce your liability risks. 

As you are looking to get a recreational asset in the Southlake, TX area, it will be very important that you speak with someone that you can trust and that understands recreational insurance. Starting your search with the Kimble Brown Insurance Agency is a great option. When you are looking for coverage, the professionals with the Kimble Brown Insurance Agency can provide any guidance you need to choose a plan that will properly protect your recreational asset.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Personal Property?

In the state of Texas, most flood insurance policies are issued by the National Flood Insurance Program. Yet, it is still sold via traditional insurance providers. The experienced agents at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency of Southlake, TX are familiar with NFIP coverage and are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Building Property Flood Insurance vs. Personal Property Flood Insurance

Personal property flood insurance and building property flood insurance must be purchased separately, so it is vital to understand the coverage you have to know that you are fully protected. In general, a building property flood insurance policy will cover the structure, as well as any appliances or permanent equipment attached to that structure. You will need a personal property flood insurance policy to cover any items that are not attached permanently to the structure.

It is important to note that some items may not be covered by building property or personal property flood insurance. This typically includes items that are outside of the building or issues that arise as a consequence of the flooding. It is critical that you know exactly what type of flood insurance coverage you have to determine what is and is not covered.

Making the decision to purchase flood insurance as well as the type of flood insurance to purchase can be stressful. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency of Southlake, TX, we are here to help relieve that stress.

We will take the time to work with you to make certain that you understand all of the coverage options that are available to you. Then we will help you decide on the best type of coverage to meet your specific needs. You will be able to rest easy knowing that should disaster strike, you and your family will be taken care of and protected with proper coverage.

Texas Recreational Insurance – Does Recreational Insurance Cover Personal Injury?

Texas is one of the biggest states in the nation with wide-open spaces and warm weather nearly year-round.  It’s no surprise that Texas is a notable state for recreational vehicle use or RV use.  Much like regular auto insurance, RV insurance covers your RV in the case of an accident or other events that could happen during the life of your RV.  We will cover some of these events further down below.  Kimble Brown Insurance Agency in Southlake, TX offers RV insurance and other types of insurance needs.

RV Insurance

RV Insurance is quite similar to auto insurance in terms of policies offered and coverage limits, except that the coverage limits for RV’s are much greater than automobiles due to the size of RV vehicles.  RVs take up the space of two or sometimes three regular automobiles, so the chances for greater damage in the event of an accident are far greater than just a regular automobile, hence…the higher coverage limits in the policy.

Personal Injury

What if someone gets injured or suffers property damage in an accident that you’ve caused with your recreational vehicle?  The personal liability coverage of the RV insurance policy is a standard coverage offered in practically all RV insurance policies.  This is due to the fact that in most states, personal liability/damage coverage is a required facet of RV insurance and for your RV to operate legally on the road, you must have this coverage.  Personal Liability coverage handles accidents or damage that your RV causes to others and covers their injuries and property damage in these events.  

More Information

You can learn more about recreational insurance coverage by contacting Kimble Brown Insurance Agency in Southlake, TX today!

Why Is Flood Insurance Important in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you could be miles upon miles from the nearest body of water. If you don’t live near a body of water, you might even wonder if there is a need to purchase flood insurance.

In spite of your own feelings about flood insurance, your mortgage provider may require that you have a policy. Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, which serves homeowners in Southlake, TX, can shed light on the importance of flood insurance.

You Are Always at Risk of a Flood

Simply because you do not live in a high-risk flood zone does not mean that you face no risk. Even those who live in low-risk flood zones could lose everything in a flood. Natural disasters, including hurricanes and dam breaks, can impact anybody. Flash floods, heavy rain, and other disasters can all leave you with serious water damage.

Your Home Is Not Covered Without a Flood Policy

Simply because you have renters or homeowners insurance does not mean you are protected in case of a flood. If a flood does hit, you could face financial damages because your homeowners or renters insurance does not cover your expenses.

Get Your Flood Insurance Policy

Do you still have questions about your flood policy? It’s normal to be unsure about what to expect. Check out coverage for your home systems, carpeting, appliances, personal property, foundation, support, garage, and other features of your home.

Are you ready to check out flood insurance policy options? Kimble Brown Insurance Agency may be able to help you if you live in Southlake, TX. Consult with a professional to learn more about insurance in your region.

What Is Recreational Insurance?

If you and your loved ones like taking trips, recreational insurance is something you need to think about. Even when things go wrong on your trip, you can relax, knowing you will not experience a significant financial loss. And while this might be something of interest to you, you may be questioning what exactly recreational insurance is. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency of Southlake, TX, we take you through what you need to know about recreational insurance.

What is Recreational Insurance?

This is a type of insurance that covers vehicles like trailers and motorhomes that you only use once in a while. It is crucial as it can protect you from incurring high costs if the car gets damaged while you are on a trip.

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

To enjoy the benefits of recreational insurance, you will need coverage for things like vandalism, theft, and damage. Here are some of the coverage you can opt for.

  • Bodily injury liability: This type of coverage will help cover the medical expenses arising from an accident where you are at fault.
  • Property damage liability: If you get in an accident with your RV and damage someone else’s property, this coverage can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property.
  • Medical Payments: This type of coverage comes in handy in covering medical bills for you and other passengers in the RV, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Collision Coverage helps pay for the repair costs of your RV when you have been in a collision with other vehicles.
  • Uninsured Coverage comes in handy when you get involved in an accident where the other driver lacks adequate liability insurance to cover medical expenses from injuries and repair costs to your vehicle.

If you reside in Southlake, TX, and own an RV, do not ignore recreational insurance because you are having trouble understanding the details. Contact us at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency for assistance and explanation on how you can benefit from recreational insurance.

Is Flood Insurance Worth It?

Flood insurance is important, especially if you live in an area prone to flooding. You want to ensure you are protecting yourself from a substantial financial loss should your home flood in the future. Flood insurance helps cover the cost of replacing valuables in your home and repairing the structures. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, we work with homeowners throughout Southlake, TX, ensuring you are fully covered when your home floods. If you are wondering if flood insurance is worth it, here are a few benefits you can enjoy.

Protect Your Property

Even a small amount of water getting into your home can cause significant damage, requiring you to replace and repair valuable items. On top of that, most people assume their homeowner’s insurance covers floods, which is not always true. In fact, to protect your property against the risk of floods, you will need a separate flood insurance policy. With flood insurance, you can be sure if water causes damage to your home, the insurance company will compensate you for the loss.

Protect Loved Ones

A home is a safe space for your family members and pets. If floods affect your home, you are in danger of being homeless or moving to a hotel or an apartment. However, with flood insurance, you protect your loved one from such risks because you can easily recover and rebuild.

Peace of Mind

It can be hard to predict the weather. Your area can flood without warning, causing big damage to your home and belongings. When you get flood insurance, your stomach will not sink every time the weatherman says a massive storm is about to hit your town. You will have peace of mind knowing you are covered against any financial loss.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, purchase flood insurance for your Southlake, TX home. Contact us at Kimble Brown Insurance Agency, where we can help you pick the right coverage for you.

What are the benefits of having a landlord insurance plan in Southlake?

The Southlake, TX area has had a strong real estate market for the past decade. As the city and region continue to grow, investing in the community and purchasing a rental property is a great option. Those that are going to purchase a rental home that they intend to lease out should get proper insurance.  A landlord insurance plan can offer valuable protection that will make it well worth your investment. 

Protects Your Asset

A key reason to have landlord insurance when you are in this area of Texas is that it can protect your asset. Buying a rental property is a major investment and ensuring it is covered is important. When you have a full landlord insurance plan, you are going to have the protection that could be needed to repair your property. This can include coverage for damage that may be caused by your tenant. 

Liability Support

Landlords are going to take on liability risks on a regular basis. If you have a tenant that is hurt due to an issue with your property, you could be held liable and responsible for the damages. Fortunately, your landlord insurance plan can protect you in these situations. A full policy will include an appropriate liability insurance component that will give support if you are named in a liability claim. 

Having landlord insurance is clearly a good investment for any rental property owner. As you are looking to invest in a property in Southlake, TX, you should call Kimble Brown Insurance Agency to discuss all of your insurance options. Kimble Brown Insurance Agency understands the value of this coverage, and they can help you build an appropriate plan. This will ensure you stay fully protected and have peace of mind that your rental property is covered. 

4 Benefits of Flood Insurance

We love our homes. Our homes are the safe havens that we run to when looking to escape from the chaos that’s out there. Because a home is a paradise to many, homeowners understand that protecting their home with home insurance is critical. However, unless the mortgage lender insists, many homeowners overlook a vital insurance coverage — flood insurance. 

Our country has witnessed ravaging floods in the past years. Floods cause significant property damage and even loss of lives. Unfortunately, your typical home insurance doesn’t protect your asset when floods strike. That said, you need stand-alone flood insurance coverage from Kimble Brown Insurance Agency for your Southlake, TX home. This way, you will enjoy the below benefits. 

To protect your property

It will surprise you, but an increase in water level in your home by 5 inches can cause damages to the tune of more than $25,000! To that end, flood insurance ensures that your property is repaired when damaged by floods. 

Easy and flexible

Some people avoid buying flood insurance because they assume the process is over-complicated. Purchasing flood insurance is straightforward if you partner with the right insurance agent. Not sure where to get one? Please get in touch with us. 

To protect your loved ones

Your home harbors you and your loved ones. When floods strike, what would happen to your dear ones? While you may try to avoid a homelessness scenario, without flood insurance, you would be looking for a less than perfect shelter when floods damage your home. 

Peace of mind

When you listen to weather forecasts and hear about imminent severe weather, your first thoughts are the devastating effects it can have on your home that keeps you, your loved ones, and pets safe. Fortunately, you don’t need to subdue yourself to undue stress, yet you can purchase flood insurance for peace of mind. 

Buy flood insurance from Southlake, TX today!

While you can’t predict the impact and patterns of Mother Nature, there are ways you can protect your home and loved ones. Buying flood insurance from Kimble Brown Insurance Agency can help you avoid a total loss when floods occur. Contact us today for an affordable quote.