What isn’t covered by my home insurance

Owning a home is something that most people look forward to. It comes with plenty of challenges and worries, but you buy home insurance so that you can feel protected against all the hazards life can throw at you. You may think your home insurance covers everything that could damage your home, but you would be mistaken. You may be quite shocked to find out what is not included. As a homeowner, you should always read your entire home insurance policy, but most people don’t, and that can be a costly mistake. At Kimble Brown Insurance Agency in Southlake, TX, we are a family-owned business, and we think of our clients as extended family. We have been offering stellar service for more than 15 years. 

Flooding causes more damage to homes than any other disaster except tornados. They cause billions of dollars of damage every year, and the damage is not covered on your home insurance. If you think flooding is a possibility, you can purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Earthquakes and other forms of earth movement, such as sinkholes or mudslides, are all risks excluded from your home insurance. You can purchase an additional policy called an earth movement policy, which will protect you from many different kinds of earth movement. 

Mold is something that takes time to grow and be an issue. For that reason, most insurance companies consider it to be preventable, and therefore they will not cover the damage and remediation. Termites are also not covered. 

If you have luxury items such as antiques, expensive jewelry, or artwork, it will either not be covered or be undercover. You can, however, purchase a rider to give you the amount of coverage you need. 

These are just some of the things that aren’t covered by your home insurance. If you have questions, give Kimble Brown Insurance Agency in Southlake, TX a call and let us help you with a free no-obligation quote.