Myths about Motorcycle Insurance

There are many myths about motorcycle insurance in Southlake, TX and, if you believe these, you may not have enough coverage. 

Canceling in the Winter Will Save Money

If you think you can cancel your motorcycle insurance in the winter while you aren’t riding your bike, you won’t have any coverage if your bike is stolen or damaged. Home insurance won’t cover any damage to motorcycles. You may also have to pay more when you get a new policy come summertime because there is a lapse in coverage. You may even have your registration suspended because there will be noticed that your insurance is canceled.

You Just Need the Minimum Insurance Coverage

The minimum insurance coverage will only protect you so much and motorcycles can cause a lot of damage. You will have to pay for any damages you cause. Since motorcycles can be more dangerous, it’s recommended to get as much coverage as you can afford to stay protected.

Auto Insurance Covers Motorcycles

Motorcycles will be excluded from most auto insurance policies. While the minimum state requirements are usually the same, you will still need an auto policy to cover any vehicles and a motorcycle policy to cover your bike.

If You Don’t Make a Claim after an Accident, Your Premiums Won’t Go Up

If Kimble Brown Insurance Agency or any insurance company discovers you have been in an accident, it can raise your rates. The other person involved in the accident may make a claim to your insurance provider.

If You Lend Your Bike to a Friend, His Insurance Covers It

You and your insurance record are affected even if you lend out your bike. If there is a claim, your rates might increase even if your bike was on loan. 

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